Hello! I am

Sherri Lynn

Most importantly: Dutiful Daughter. Silly Sister.
Amazing Aunt.
Radio Person, Comedienne, Writer…blah, blah, blah. There’s a little more below…

Sherri Lynn has been a radio professional for well over a decade. She has her degree in Communications as well as Biblical Studies. Sherri is a writer, comedienne, and former youth pastor. She wrote and produced a Comedy Special entitled “The Very Funny Church Comedy Show: Together We Laugh”, wrote and starred in the stage play musical “The Bold and the Sanctified” which starred American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard, and authored the book “I Want To Punch You In The Face But I Love Jesus.”

About Me

I guess the technical term is ‘stand-up comedy’. I like to think of it as telling funny stories to friends. Here are a few clips:

Sometimes people let me come speak to their church. In person or virtually. I’m always honored and humbled when that happens. I never take it for granted. Here are a few clips:

Theater is probably my first love. I write stage musicals. Not all that often because, well, they’re really really hard to write. But when I do and I have a chance to produce them it’s so awesome.

Here are some clips about my most recent musical The Bold and The Sanctified.

Even though I love theater, some things are better delivered in book form. Like PMS…not sure how I would do that on stage. So when I think a concept is a little too complicated for the stage I go with writing a book. Here are a couple books I’ve written:

If any of these excerpts makes you want to see more or purchase full projects, first of all that makes me happy! Secondly, you can buy stuff here

Need me at your event?

Let’s talk! Tell me a little about your event and what you need. I can be your speaker, host, or do some comedy for ya…OR we can just hang out. :-)